Housing Optimization

With the rapidly-growing development in the area, many people are getting cash offers from large developers for their land. If you live in an older home, the cost of repairs might be daunting, and you may be tempted to take whatever cash you can to unload the burden of a home falling into disrepair. We strive to help those in the area meet their dwelling needs without having to sell their homes.

When your home needs updates or repairs to keep you safe, healthy, and cozy, do you have a reputable, reliable repair person or service company you can call? All homeowners and renters, especially single parents, elders, and the differently-abled, want to know they are safe from scam artists. We are gathering lists of vetted, local companies and individuals you can contact if you are in need of services to your home.

Any professional who wants to be on our list can contact us directly, and must agree to a background check, paid for by the professional. We will use local and federal records to assure that you can trust the person coming into your home. Those with records involving certain criminal offenses within the last 20 years will not be allowed on our list of vetted professionals. On top of that, we will offer to have another person in the home for your first consult, for your peace of mind. We will also compare with local fair rates for the same services to make sure you’re getting a fair quote.

Contact us to get on our list of service providers, or to see if we have anyone in the area who can meet your repair/renovation needs.