Community Organizing

In a time when community is so needed, the key is to look for local gems to help bring your event to fruition. We will work to connect people and businesses in the Waxhaw and surrounding areas to help create a sense of community, and a shared sense of purpose.

Event Planning Services

If you’re a small, local business, you likely don’t have an event-planning team, and why should you? Whether you own a restaurant, a retail shop, or are part of a school PTA, your #1 priority isn’t likely going to be event-planning – it’s going to be running your business or association. That’s where we come in! Be it a fundraiser, a company get-together, a music festival, or a fun-filled neighborhood block party, we can help your event run as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a plan that needs to be implemented within a certain budget and time frame, we can make it happen.

We can help find your…

  • Venue
  • Band/Entertainment
  • Printing/Design Services
  • Caterers/Food Trucks
  • Sound Equipment
  • Vetted On-Site Childcare
  • Portable Restrooms
  • Tents/Tables
  • Sponsors
  • Attendees!
  • And more…

Flat Fees

Budget creation:

Sometimes, you’re not sure where to start when it comes to making a budget for your event. We can sit down with you to see what is financially feasible for you and your organization.

  • Corporate: $150
  • Non-Profit Org: $75

Fundraisers & Community Events

We calculate your fees for our services by adding two models: Base pay and percentage. The base pay is a set rate for the desired number of attendees you want at your event. We then add on a certain percentage of your budget, depending on whether you are a Corporate Entity or a Non-Profit Organization.

Desired # of attendees:

  • 5-10: $15
  • 11-30: $25
  • 31-60: $50
  • 61-100: $75
  • 100+: Custom

Percentage of budget: 

We will also charge a percentage of your budget, based on how many services you need us to acquire.

  • Corporate: 15% – 20%
  • Non-Profit Org: 10% – 15%


You are a non-profit organization that wants to host a dinner event for 25 people. You need us to organize your print materials, find a venue that meets your needs, book a band, and make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Your budget is $500. Your payment to us is $25 (flat fee) + $75 (15% of budget), which comes to $100 total. That gives us $400 to pay for quality print materials, the perfect venue, and a rockin’ (or mellow) band. 

Call us for more details, so you can get specific answers about your event!