Meet up #2 – Mission/Vision/Values & “Git r Done” Checklist

Who are we? What do we stand for? What do we value as a group? This meeting we’ll start finalizing our Mission, Vision, and Values statements. All successful movements, ventures, and organizations use this model to bring their members together around a common cause, and also attract those who respect the same cause. Right now, the group is working around the pillars of RESILIENCE, MIXED-INCOME, INTERGENERATIONAL, SUSTAINABLE, and WELCOMING. What kind of values do you want to see your community come together around? 

After that, we’ll bust out the “Git R Done” Checklist. What does it take to physically and socially build a community? How we gonna git r done???

Here, we’ll be covering the pre-develoment effort that needs to be put forth by the community members. We’ll go over your time and/or talent availabilities and start plugging willing and able members into pre-development jobs, such as Media & Advertising, Budgeting and Finances, New Member Oriention, etc. This project is being 100% self-developed (as many cohousing communities are), so everything you do is going directly towards your future community. 

**Child Care** We have fun, but we understand grown-up meetings can be boring for the littles. For $8 each, kids ages 3-10 can go right above our meeting space to Waxhaw Kid Coders, where they can try out the coolest new tech gadgets and games for kids! Ken and Cheryl’s tech magic will keep them totally enthralled for a whole 90 minutes, they did last time! 


3-3:30 Sign-in, name tag. Refreshments & pick-me-ups from Sospeso Coffee & Waxhaw Kettle Corn Co. Get kids squared away upstairs

3:30-3:45 Introductions (we’re expecting new members) 

3:45-4:15 Mission, Vision, Values brainstorming

4:15-4:45 Time & Talents 

4:45-5 Wrap up, reflection, next meeting date/time/agenda
***RSVP ASAP so we can make sure we have enough chairs, and so we can let Kid Coders know how many littles to expect. You can do it through email or on the Facebook Event – Thanks!***

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