Success! First Meet-up Recap

We’d like to thank everyone who played a role in our first official meet-up! It was wildly successful, and the energy in the room was palpable. There were 5 other very interested families who attended. We’d been in contact regularly before the meeting with all but one. There were also 2 kids who played upstairs at Waxhaw Kid Coders, who (so far) has agreed to be our standing childcare for $8/child every meeting! We’re proud to say that we’re now officially multigenerational! With members ranging from mid-60s to due-in-a-few-months, we now span many different generations, and we’re proud of it!

Also in attendance was a good realtor friend of mine and her husband, a contractor who has been giving us some invaluable advice. They got to learn more about cohousing, and offer some pro tips (like the difference between a duplex and a triplex, besides the number of… plexes).


The meeting flowed well and we organically followed the schedule through to the end. First, we did a meet & greet to get everyone introduced (we forgot name tags, we highly recommend name tags!), which opened everyone up a little. Then, we talked a little about what Cohousining is, which was easy because everyone in the room knew! We answered the critical question of “Why do we need cohousing?” and the resounding answer was to prevent loneliness and isolation, which are worse than both smoking cigarettes, and obesity.

Of course, the big question is, why do we think it will work in Waxhaw? After months of talking with the town and finding out whether or not this plan would even be viable, we’ve learned that they’re excited and very enthusiastic about sustainable new growth, with a focus on community. They realize that the influx of residents is coming, and they want to prepare to welcome them and grow the town in a family-friendly, eco-friendly way. This is a HUGE bonus for us, and we appreciate all of their support.

We talked buy-ins, membership input, phases of development and pre-development, and funds. As that’s a little more detailed, it will all be added to a “Financials” page shortly.

We also covered the close-by (proximity to middle of town) amenities & necessities:

Medical (ER & physician offices, incl. pediatrics & OB/GYN) – CMC Waxhaw 3 miles
Banks – BB&T 0.3 miles, SunTrust 2.3 miles
Schools – Waxhaw Elementary 0.8 miles, Parkwood Middle School & High School (same campus) ~8 miles

When the topic of schooling came up, we briefly through around the idea of a homeschool co-op in the community! We have a few teachers in our midst, and we’d love to explore what it takes in NC, and if it’s worth it. There’s always a desire to improve the system that’s already in place, so down the road, we’ll look into both!

Lastly, we started a reading list:

We have all of these books in our lending library and are happy to lend them out! We do recommend picking up a copy and going through it over time, though.

We wrapped things up and everyone felt enthusiastic! Full of hope, energy, coffee and lemonade, we were all ready to get this project started!

Check out our next meeting, (here or on Facebook), coming up June 24th from 3pm-5pm. We’ll be going over our Mission, Vision, and Values statements, and our “Git r Done” list; pre-development member tasks – what can you contribute to your future community?

Stay tuned!



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