If you’ve found us, you’re likely already looking into a simpler, more community-oriented way of life. We’re currently a group of parents living in the Greater Charlotte and Upper SC areas looking to create a multigenerational cohousing community in the burgeoning farm town of Waxhaw, NC.

Why are we doing this?

Resilience. Resilience is the #1 reason for the creation of this project. Resilience – defined as the ability to bounce back from setbacks – is crucial to a healthy, happy life. Resilient parents raise resilient children, creating a resilient family unit, which can help contribute to a resilient community, which can then give back to its resilient elders. Having physically and emotionally close community ties help individuals and families move through and overcome life’s inevitable hardships. Community, tribe, village, surrogate family, whatever you want to call it, we want to create ties that can withstand the worst times, share the best of times, and last a lifetime.

Is this right for you?

Do you ever find yourself lonely in your own home?

Do you wish it was easier to get together with friends and neighbors without always having to drive?

Do you want to be an active member of your community development and upkeep (condominium association, for legal naming purposes)?

Do you think you could live in a house less than 2000 sq ft, if extra-curricular space was in a common house (office workspace, kids’ playroom, large dining area, workshop, etc)?

Do you love the walk-ability of a small town, without the hustle of a big city?

Do you desire to live on a large amount of green space without having to be the only one to take care of it?

Do you yearn for a simple balance of socialization and solitude?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, this community might be right for you! Our Mission Statement and Values list are still awaiting input from other invested parties, but please give our current Mission.Vision page a read!

Waxhaw, North Carolina

The Town

Waxhaw is a town with a population of approximately 12,000 and growing. It was recently named the fastest-growing suburb of Charlotte, NC. This up-and-coming borough makes the best use of its green space, strives to preserve its rich history, and is growing a vibrant, family-friendly downtown area. It is the perfect site for Union County’s very first eco-friendly pocket neighborhood.


The Farmer’s Market

The Waxhaw Farmer’s Market is open year-round, 9-noon (the sign says 1, but they just recently changed it), and it’s ALWAYS bustling! During the winter, they’re only on every-other week, but you’ll still see the dedicated farmers out there selling their winter goods.

Here you’ll find everything from bok chok to beignets, and this year, they have live local music to stroll along to.



This little train town grew around an old Native American hunting ground. The Waxhaws (who were once called the Wysacky) were a tribe that lived across Mecklenburg and Union Counties in NC, and Lancaster and York Counties in SC. They may have been a branch of the Catawba tribe, but eventually most of the area tribes had to merge to survive, after being primarily wiped out by smallpox, and the Yamasee War of 1715. The townspeople commemorates these tribes at the Museum of the Waxhaws.

The town then became a train hub for a rail line running down to Atlanta. From there, they grew by moving and selling cotton and textiles. They pivoted to antiques, and were (and are still) a destination for antiquing. Learn more here.


For more information on our meetups, becoming a member, buy-in costs, location, or just about anything else, please fill out the box below, or email info@waxhawcoho.com